How to add warmth to your interior


9th June 2023
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How to add warmth to your interior

The end of a season creates a desire to change up our interior furnishings to bring a different feeling to our home. As summer ends and the temperatures drop, adding some warmth and homeliness to our interiors will make spending more time indoors and snuggling up all the more inviting.

There are many quick and easy ways to add warmth to your interior without an entire overhaul. This allows you to interchange furnishings depending on the season or your mood. For those with more time and who are looking for permanent ways to create that hygge-like feel in your space, we’ve also got you covered.

1. Choose earthy, neutral tones

Neutral tones are trending regardless of your interior style and time of year. However, when adding warmth, neutral colours are an effective way to embrace the seasonal change Autumn brings.
Opt for rich, earthy tones that emphasise the feeling of hibernation. For a quick solution, think cushions and throws in rusts, mustards, plums and burgundy like those you’d find on the sofas of James Lane. For something more permanent, consider shifting your attention to the walls by replacing the stark white to a warm paint colour or installing a neutral, textural wallpaper.

2. Vary your textures

Layering textures is a decorating approach that can elevate your interior and easily inject more warmth into your rooms. Timbers, terracotta, woven products, wool, leather, cork and exposed brick are all textures of choice as we enter the cooler months. These can be incorporated in the form of furniture like a well-crafted Berkowitz dining table or a leather occasional chair for your living room. Small accessories such as ornamental bowls, a wool throw or terracotta interior pots can all be used to bring texture into a bland interior space.

3. Pay close attention to your lighting

One of the most effective ways to make an interior feel warm is through beautiful lighting. Lighting gives you the ability to set the mood, it makes people feel good and it improves the appearance of your interior.
When adding warmth to your home, think about incorporating multiple sources of light rather than just relying on your ceiling fixtures. Floor or table lamps are a great way to add ambient light and highlight areas of your room. Consider also the globe type as this will greatly affect the feel of your room. Swapping out a cool light for a warm bulb may be all you need to embrace the seasonal change. This is where speaking with lighting experts, like the team at Beacon Lighting, becomes invaluable.

4. Play with wall art

Dressing your walls with artwork is a great way to add visual warmth to your space and make it more interesting. And the good thing is you don’t need to spend a fortune at your local gallery to create impact.
In fact, wall art that is personally curated and tells a story is often the best way to make the home welcoming and homely. Play with a combination of purchased pieces and your children’s artwork. Get creative with the layout and combinations of frames to create an intentional, yet unique, look.

5. Go on a scavenger hunt

An interior furnished with new pieces can provide you with a fresh and luxurious feel. And who doesn’t love sitting on a brand new sofa? However, in order to add warmth to your rooms, consider finishing your space with some old pieces you’ve picked up at a flea market or antiques that have been passed down in the family. If you’re not fond of going on a scavenger hunt, look for classic furniture pieces that reflect an earlier era or accessories that tell a story like those you may find on the shelves of G&D@Home. These are also great conversational pieces for when you’re entertaining guests.

6. Consider what’s underfoot

There’s nothing quite like walking barefoot on a thick, textural rug even in the cooler months. Layering textural rugs is an effective way to add a sense of warmth and cosiness to any space. It’s also a great solution for renters or those who like to redecorate their homes seasonally.
If your home is naturally cold and you’re planning a more substantial renovation, opting for rich, deep timber floorboards will instantly enhance the feeling of warmth and make your space more inviting.

7. Dress your windows

Hanging curtains or installing blinds can be a quick decorating fix to overcoming drafts and achieving that snug Autumn feel. There are many options you can consider from blinds and shutters to curtains depending on your decorating style and the architecture of your home.
Thick velvet drapes can inject a little drama into your space and help with insulating. Soft, flowy linen curtains won’t help much with blocking out any cool draft but they will add an element of luxury and homeliness to your interior. This may be just what’s needed to invite you to spend more time indoors this Autumn.

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